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What is Soulfull Styling?
Soulfull Styling is a unique combination created by Angela Zwaga, a Style Coach™ and Nadine Heywood a Counsellor/Therapist.

Having united both dreams and visions, their aim is to guide, inspire and encourage others to be honest in accepting themselves upon seeing their mirrored reflection.

Through Internal and External Positive body image, Soulfull Styling has created an exciting five day tailor made programme full of fun, colour and style. Designed to enhance, embrace and express one's natural beauty from within.

Begin your transformational journey through mind, body and wardrobe in a relaxed, sun filled, luxurious surroundings.

Benefits of Soulfull Styling
Making time in your busy life to go on a Soulfull Styling resort is one of the finest gifts you can give to yourself. This is an investment in your health and wellbeing and in your personal relationship with yourself. Being totally relaxed away from everyday distractions, giving you a chance to pause and unlock any questions that you may not take the time to ask yourself.

Experiencing and learning fresh ideas and making new friends who will be encouraging and supporting you through your new journey. Having cherished moments for inner healing, discovering what really makes you happy. Pampering yourself in a safe environment with luxurious accommodation and relaxing, revitalising spa facilities.

Soulfull Styling resort will be a haven in which to let go, de-cluttering your old lifestyle and starting to re-connect with your authentic self, stepping into a new personal style, adding that spark to your life and returning home with a new feeling of enlightened confidence - as it's now your time to shine!

Happiness is a journey, not a destination!

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